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3 Big Mistakes That Won't Let You Lose Weight

I just recently made this video on my youtube channel going over 3 big mistakes people are still making when it comes to losing weight.

These 3 mistakes are:
  1. Not going for lower calorie foods if you overeat 50 calories on each meal, you can easily eat a extra 200 calories by the end of the day most likely bringing your calories high enough to just maintain your weight.

  2. You're still obsessed about cardio, cardio, cardio. Stop it if you focus more on building strength with intense weight training workouts you will achieve that "tone" look your aiming for. You won't get too muscular this is very hard to achieve. What it will do is help you burn more calories and give you that fit & healthy look your aiming for.

  3. You can't keep lying to yourself i know it may not seem like much to have a very big cheat meal during the weekend but doing this can easily add back all those calories you burned. If you have a more controlled cheat meal your results will be much better.

 If you are planning to lose weight always do things the right way from the start otherwise you will only fool yourself and end dieting much longer than you would like. Keep it simple and make smart choices with your meals, time and energy.

Something i highly recommend is a food scale to track all your calories and nutrients for the entire day i like to you the app fatsecret.com you can also try myfitnesspal.com two very popular apps.

 Here is a link to a good food scale you can purchase online J&A Kitchen Digital Scale, Food & medical scale, Multifunction Food Scale with LCD Display, Stainless Steel (Batteries included) (black)

The other thing is if you like buying protein shakes don't buy the ones with very high calories aim for something with less than 120 calories per 1 scoop. My personal favorite is Iso-100 Vanilla Flavored which can be found almost anywhere online it has 110 calories with 25g of protein for 1 scoop.

Here is a link for a good deal on that Dymatize Nutrition ISObull100 Whey Protein - Gourmet Vanilla 5 lbs.

If you need help with a good program you can always checkout my online coaching for more info click here http://alexlosangeles.blogspot.com/p/online-coaching.html